How to Stay on Track to Achieve Weight Loss

Weight loss is actually a process and it would take time for one to see drastic changes even with healthy dieting and regular exercise. Just the way that you hadn’t piled on all that weight overnight, fat burning will only happen over the course of a few weeks, and patience is definitely the key here. It’s easy to get demotivated and go off the track when you are doing everything right and still the results aren’t there for everyone to see! Also, after you have initially lost a couple of pounds, there would come a phase where you actually would not see the scales moving in your favor even though you are still following the diet program and exercising on a daily basis. It’s called a “weight loss plateau” and at this point, many people lose the motivation to go ahead and fall right off the weight loss wagon. The key is to remain motivated and stop losing hope because once you choose hope, everything is possible. Since “motivation” is the key that opened your journey to weight loss journey, it should also be the primary driving force that would motor you through the entire process till you achieve your desired weight. It’s true that when you start seeing results, it pushes you to work more, but to get better results, you need to continue with the efforts and stay on track to reach your goal weight. In this post, we share some tips on how to stay on track to achieve weight loss when you feel like giving up!

How to Stay on Track to Achieve Weight Loss

1. Don’t make weight loss your destination, make it your lifestyle: People who have lost considerable amount of weight will vouch for the fact that they have made healthy habits and exercise a part of their lifestyle. The same way, do not think healthy diet and exercise as a means to get to your desired weight, make them lifestyle habits, and you would hardly be disappointed.

2. Believe in the power of Clean Eating: Follow a healthy eating and no, diet food, does not have to be bland and tasteless. That’s where Rati Beauty diet programs are successful because it revolves around healthy eating to lose weight without compromising on nutrition, and the recipes are so delicious, that it wouldn’t feel at all like you are eating diet food day in and day out. Healthy eating does not have to be boring, Rati Beauty encourages you to try new things instead of limiting yourself to eating the same food day every single day.

3. Meal Plan for the Whole Week: A majority of why we go “yo-yo” on clean eating is that we run of meal ideas and do not prep for the whole week. In this case too, Rati Beauty diets, which give us meal ideas for the whole week that are easy to follow.

6. Stock only healthy food in these three places – kitchen, pantry, and fridge. Retain only what qualifies as healthy in these places and dump everything else away. An organized pantry, kitchen, and refrigerator will always motivate you to eat healthy.

7. A Cheat Meal is a Must-Have Every Week: Do not deprive yourself of food cravings, treat yourself to a cheat meal outside of your diet program once a week to reward yourself for sticking to clean eating and workout through the week. If you have followed clean eating for 6 days, indulge in a treat on the 7th day. Rewards reinforce positive behavior.

8. Get Rid of Loose Clothes that do not Fit: You might have truckloads of clothes in your wardrobe that had fit you so perfectly once upon a time, but now they have become loose, but you have not given up on them just in case you put back all the lost weight. Get rid of them to clear the mindset that if you gain all those extra pounds, you still have lots of clothes to wear. It’s a wrong kind of mindset which would actually give your mind and body a safety net that it’s totally okay to gain weight back on.

9. Consider Exercise as a Reward – Not a Punishment: Dedicate at least one hour in a day to work on your body to frame it to your desired shape. You should look forward to exercise and not as a way to punish yourself for being bad around food. Once you start enjoying exercise, you will realize, it also helps to improve mood, declutter mind, and makes you have a positive outlook too.

10. Sleep Tight at Night: Sleep deprivation dulls out the decision-making part of the brain, and increases the level of “Ghrelin,” which is the hunger hormone, making it difficult to control cravings. Make it a habit to sleep for at least 7 hours a night and you would wake up feeling refreshed with cravings in control.

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