12 Weight Loss Mantras to Successfully Lose Weight

That weight loss wagon that we often seem to be falling off is just an imaginary thing and what can get you back on to that amazing vehicle is a few mantras and just a teeny bit of resolve. We often cite lack of time, energy, and motivation to follow through weight loss efforts; however, the key to unlocking a better version of yourself lies within you. When you make your mind to get healthy, nothing can stand in the way. Losing weight will not only help you get into a better shape, it will also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other lifestyle diseases by a considerable degree. Weight loss can also stabilize and regulate “out of whack hormones” into their place. A lot of women have observed that losing weight through a healthy diet and exercise has reduced their PCOD and thyroid condition without resorting to any medication. With so many benefits, weight loss should be your number one priority. So, if you are dilly-dallying about starting on the weight loss journey, here are some amazing weight loss mantras to successfully lose weight.

Weight Loss Mantras to Successfully Lose Weight

1. If others can do it, so can I: Weight loss is easy to achieve if you put your mind into it. All you need to follow is a healthy diet and exercise, and you would be able to see the pounds dropping. Cut out all junk food, fast food, eat clean, and exercise at least for 40 minutes in a day 5 times a week, and nobody can stop you from losing weight and getting into shape. If scores of people around you have lost weight, you can too!

2. Take Baby Steps, Not Giant Leap Towards Weight Loss: Some people turn to fad diets and crash dieting in order to lose weight rapidly, and get overwhelmed in the process, and get off that imaginary weight loss wagon that we had talked about previously. To achieve and sustain weight loss, one needs to take baby steps – like reducing the number of calories, eating mindfully, eliminating sugar, drinking more water, and starting working out for just 30 minutes initially. When we make small changes, it’s easy to make them part of the lifestyle and once goal weight is reached, it’s easier to sustain the success. Refrain from making major changes like eliminating complete food groups and spending too many hours in the gym in the beginning.

3. You didn’t gain weight overnight, so you won’t lose it overnight: Be patient! Weight loss is a process and the layers of fat beneath the skin wouldn’t melt away in just a day or a week. One needs to be consistent and work every single day to achieve results. In fact, on most people, it takes around 3 months for any significant results to show.

4. Weight Loss is all about making lifestyle changes: One of the main reasons crash dieting will never work is because it cannot be made into a habit and even if one is able to lose weight through crash dieting, the body tends to gain back all that weight and more after coming out of the dieting process.

5. Only healthy food can make me a better version of myself: Yes, only healthy food can make you a better version of yourself. Weight loss programs on Rati Beauty are based on healthy eating with recipes that are delicious and a delight to eat. Diet food is not bland and tasteless on Rati Beauty Weight Loss programs. Check out all the recipes on the Rati Beauty app.

6. I want to absolutely love the person that I see in the mirror: Do you cringe at yourself when you see yourself in the mirror? Not only can a healthy diet help you get into shape, it can make your skin glow, hair strong, and reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases.

7. Am I Really Hungry? Whenever you reach out for an unhealthy food, or staring aimlessly at goodies in the refrigerator, you need to ask yourself – am I really hungry or just bored? If you are not really hungry, don’t touch that food, instead distract yourself by taking a stroll or indulge in activity that would take your mind off food.

8. The Weight Loss Wagon is Imaginary and you cannot fall off it: If you have slipped and cheated on the diet with a pizza, it’s okay because every meal is a fresh start and you cannot go all out and justify getting off from that imaginary wagon for indulging in high-calorie and unhealthy meals thereafter.

9. What you eat today in private, you will wear it in public tomorrow: If you eat healthy today and tomorrow, and the day after, there’s nothing that can prevent you from getting to your desired shape and weight and you can wear whatever you want tomorrow.

10. Don’t Stuff your Face, Face your Stuff: Stress eating/emotional eating is a bigger culprit in weight gain than you think. If you are reaching out for comfort foods like chaat, chocolate, and chips to deal with stress, it’s going to be a double whammy later on – stress on its own leads to weight gain and with mindless stress eating, the calories are going to pile up and show on your body tomorrow. Reduce stress by dealing with the issue and detaching stress from comfort food.

11. Do Something Today that your future self will love tomorrow: Work on your body, spend at least 40 minutes exercising – brisk walking, yoga, anything will do. Just do not forget that you are doing it for your future self.

12. When you feel like quitting, remember why you started: Last but not the least, whenever you feel like quitting because you aren’t see any significant results through dieting and exercise, remember the reason why you started and why you need to keep going because the results are not far away if you keep on try.

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